Full-time or Part-time, 100% Commission Sales & Service Associates


Any time you locate Business Owners. Franchise Owners. Owners of office, retail, industrial, apartment buildings, mobile home parks, land, as well as other income rental properties.


Virtually:  Nationwide.

Regionally: Southeast, USA.

Locally: Greater Atlanta Area – Based in Fayetteville, Georgia. 

1st CFI is seeking commercial lending officers which do not have to be licensed in Georgia. Therefore, you have a perfect opportunity to learn a coming straight out of school, supplement your existing income from your primary job. Or, if you are a career changer – learn about business and commercial real estate lending. We do not offer residential products at this time.




Do You!

We fund a variety of loan types. Each type has a specific client in mind. The great news….we want to help them!


Our goal isn’t to offer any funding that harms the business. It is to create a unique lending experience that gives the money the company owners needs…

And pays you a commission to take care of your obligations….and desires.

While helping 1st CFI change the model of commercial finance.

Win – Win – Win.

What else: 

You want a piece of us?

Those highly qualified candidates in Digital Marketing, Sales and Sourcing have an opportunity to own a piece of the company.

We grow.

You grow.

It’s more than profit sharing.

It’s stock.

Experience: None.

Qualities: Lots! Honesty, Integrity, Authenticity, Loyalty, Balance, Drive, Principled Behavior, Strategic Thinking, Open-Mindedness, Discernment, Self-Awareness &…

Did We Mention:



Sales, Real Estate, Marketing, Relationship Development Training in any arena: School, Work, Community, Public or Private Industry.


None. However: commissions can be from $ 150 per deal to $ 150,000+ per year. It depends on the type of loan transactions.

Our clients….are other businesses we want to be of service to with excellent funding to meet their needs. 

Join us.