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Redeem a GiveNow Card

Good will. It’s an intangible asset for a reason. It’s my belief that service to others is why I was saved – from myself. I am here by virtue of Grace. I pay it forward. And, it feels good when I help others. There are times to take credit, perhaps at the corporate level. And, times to remain anonymous in more personal endeavors.

Regardless, of how you give, JUST GIVE.  We can help.

When you close a loan with our company, we provide a corporate gift card to Use our GiveNow Card to donate to any of more than 1.8 million charities working throughout the world.

I love explaining that clients can use give locally, nationally or internationally. They can use their existing industry touchpoint. Or, they can simply find a cause that touches their heart-strings. The happy feeling is on me, courtesy of my lenders. It’s easy!

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