Short Term Loans: $5K to $ 500K

Unlike traditional banks, 1st Capital Finance, Inc. helps  the health of your business. You are judged based on cash flow – not just credit scores. Our in-depth understanding of small businesses enables you to get the loan you need to buy inventory, purchase a new piece of equipment or launch a marketing campaign to grow your business.

Our signature product, the Cash Express, is a true business loan that builds business credit. It is not a merchant cash advance!:

  • Loans ranging from $5,000 – $150,000
  • 3 – 18 month terms
  • Fixed interest and fixed payments
  • Decisions in as fast as 1 business day;
  • Funding as fast as 2 business days
  • Daily direct-debit payments rather than one  large end-of-month payment

Common Uses for Cash Express Loans

  • Facility expansion
  • Renting, buying or leasing equipment
  • Hiring additional staff
  • Launching a marketing campaign

1st Capital Finance, Inc. provides you with the money you need to grow. The health of your company will be determined based on your cash ­flow – not just credit scores. Our in depth understanding of small businesses means that we can provide capital in as fast as 2 business days.

Pre-Qualify for Financing or Contact us to discuss your financing options:

Or download and complete the loan application and fax to 855-SEND-1ST (736-3178)

What Happens Next With the 1st Capital Finance Cash Express Loan Application?

You will receive a preliminary loan decision from 1st Capital Finance, Inc. and / or one of our trusted and well-funded investors in 24 hours. There will be a detailed recommendation on the best way to achieve capital.

Want Your Cash Fast?

Need cash to run your business? Receive capital from $ 5,000 to $ 150,000 within two to seven business days! The documentation requirements are easy! FICOS can be a low as 520. Annual revenues start from from $ 150,000 in gross sales. Use three months merchant credit statements and/or business bank statements with an average balance of $ 5,000 to get a preliminary approval within thirty minutes. Apply now!

Send the Information Listed Below:

For $ 36,000 To $ 150,000:

  1. Three Months Business Bank Statements
  2. Three Months Credit Card Statements
  3. One (1) Year Business Tax Return
  4. One (1) Year Personal Tax Return
  5. Most recent lease agreement (all pages)
  6. Voided bank check ( business account)

For $ 5, 000 To $ 35,000:

  1. One Month Business Bank Statement
  2. One Month Credit Card Statement
  3. One (1) Year Business Tax Return
  4. One (1) Year Personal Tax Return
  5. Most recent lease agreement (all pages)
  6. Voided bank check (business account only)

* Times quoted are working business days only. Times quoted are average. Incomplete loan requests without supporting bank statements or credit card statements may experience a delay in closing the transaction. Personal credit score minimum of 520. Average bank balances and minimum amount of credit card swipes required. Additional documentation may be required prior to funding. Submission electronically constitutes your acceptance that 1st Capital Finance, Inc. and/or its trusted partners will obtain a personal credit report on all primary owners with greater than twenty percent (20%) ownership interest in the business. You acknowledge 1st CFI is not a credit reporting agency, bank, direct lender and is neither associated or endorsed by any government entity.

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