An Entrepreneurial SPIRIT & The Nourished Soul: Perfect Synergy To Grow Your Business

It’s a stretch for some to marry an intuitive concept like The Mind, Body & Spirit with the tough realities of commercial finance. In business, the internal & creative energy or “what Owners KNOW” about themselves personally translates into the profitability of their company. It’s their Entrepreneurial SPIRIT that is harnessed, honed and hopefully translated into cash money for the Corporate BODY. Passion launches their product or service into the market.   Their long term success among their target demographic is an outcome of the strategy from the Owner’s Executive MIND. Promotion and productivity keeps the business relevant. Or the entire entity dies.
So the demise of any business, large or small, ultimately stems from the failure to keep one aspect of the Mind, Body & Spirit of their Company healthy and flourishing. Not many business owners kill their companies on purpose. Yet, there is a saying: If you knew better, you’d do better. Often  clients know exactly what they need to keep their company a going concern or leap to their next level of success. But, its all “in their head”. However,  given the competing obligations of work/life, it’s difficult to put it on paper.

Business Owners are on fire and stretching for an goal. They are seeking money as fuel while burning up two other critical resources: time and energy.

# Empower. Executive MIND:  Next weekend Autumn’s Fire is presenting The Nourished Soul Weekend.  It’ll be an exciting quest to ignite the 1st CFI mission. Our goal is simply to help the Mind, Body & Spirit of Companies flourish. Our clients can’t do it alone.  Why?  They are too busy to do what’s required:
  • Electronically capture historical documents from key persons and partners
  • Diagnose the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of their entity from an efficiency perspective
  • Formulate a plan to move to the next level for long term sustainable growth
  • Custom match themselves with best source for capital, but ONLY if they need it!
  • Provide debt avoidance and cost reduction tips. Refuse to infuse their business with funding if they are bleeding cash!
  • Build corporate and social responsibility
The Entrepreneurial heart is on fire.  And,  anyone could benefit from learning more about the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT of a COMPANY concept! Join us at The Nourished Soul next weekend. Or, contact us at 855-562-6178, ext. 1 for a free initial thirty minute consultation. Our client intake and pre-qualification form is posted online. The next level of  B2B financial success awaits. Remember, there is only one perfect and critical time to tap into any type of healing…in the moment. Enjoy your “now”!