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Dionne “Choc Trei” Henderson


Hailing from California, as a second generation San Francisco Bay Area flower-child, Dionne had a rough & tumble beginning. Labeled an “at risk-youth”, Dionne was homeless by the age of 12 and high school drop out by the 11th grade. She was told by authorities: she’d be dead before the age of eighteen.


At 48, she’s proved them wrong!


Her twenty years in finance originated from hard lessons from her homeless past and wanting to help those in the future achieve the American Dream: 




Proudly going back to school as a Non-Traditional Student, she started with her High School Equivalency in 1990 while learning the principles of risk. Why? She’d learned to successfully navigate risk at a very young age!! Her forte became common sense underwriting for a variety of residential loan types. Her passion: helping families achieve their dreams and reducing liability in the process.


Two undergraduate degrees, one in Finance and Operations later, she weathered the personal crisis of losing her mother and corresponding mortgage industry financial crisis by launching 1st Capital Finance, Inc.! It’s primary object: change the model of finance. 1st CFI’s three-fold directive: 


Increase the health of the lifeblood of a company – it’s cash flow  


Cash = the life blood of every company. Let it flow.
Cash = the life blood of every company. Let it flow.

Assist  owners with planning for long term success – end to end strategic analysis


#Empower.Executive MIND


Encourage goodwill in the process by sharing the entrepreneurial spirit – non-profit volunteering & corporate giving


Share the Entrepreneurial SPIRIT
Share the Entrepreneurial SPIRIT

Bottom line:


Dionne pays back the traditional and non-traditional communities that sheltered her when economic and social systems failed:


Traditional Values with Non-Traditional Flair!

Classes, Presentations & Initiatives:


  • From There…To Here: An At Risk Teens, Homeless Youth & Group Home  Free Motivational Speaking Series. Topics Are Tailored To Your Relevant Issues!! 
  • Systemic, Cradle to Grave, Non-Consensual Economic Slavery & You: Training on Breaking The Cycles of Poverty. 
  • Ethnicity As Strategic Leverage: Roundtable Discussions on People of Color (POC) Collaborations and Partnerships for Reciprocal Gains. 
  • Avoiding the Death of the Super Women: Achieving Work / Life Balance as an Angry Black Woman. Sub-Titled: RIP MSgt. Mommalinda.
  • GLBTA  Recruiting & Retention: Strategies To Leverage Diversity For Company Growth. 
  • Faith-Based Change Management: A Lesson In Diagnosing Bigotry, Nepotism, Sexism for Greater Corporate Resiliency and Evolution. Sub-Titled: The Old Boys Still Live. 
  • My Customer / My Competitor: An Insider’s View of the Mortgage Lending Crisis & What We Must Do Now. 
  • Body, Mind & Spirit of A Company: Organizational Personality Assessments.
  • The Non-Traditional Non-Profit Start-Up: Due Diligence for Members, Owners and Boards of Directors. 
  • G.E.D / High School Equivalency Paths: Overcoming Being A Statistic.
  • Non Traditional Student Success Stories: View Choc’s 2010 Student Documentary, The Invisible Invincibles.   



In 2015, Dionne earned her MBA in Strategic Management. She has volunteered in profit and non-profit organizations focusing on topics from Women Entrepreneurs to being a past Vice President and Treasurer of OPSE, a women of color educational sorority to address critical issues in her community.

Dionne often leverages her sorority nickname:


Choc Trei which is used in non-traditional arenas to reach marginalized populations.


She meets them where they are…since she was there!!


Although hazing is not acceptable, her motto is “Have Paddle, Will Travel. Be Good!” although her message is loud:




She has a tight-knit  band of Mentees, formalized under the House of Trei founded on principles of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Trust, Authenticity, Transparency, Balance and Service:


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Community Leaders, Elders, Members, Clients, Colleagues, Partners and Affiliates will attest Choc is passionate about being of maximum service.


She champions  diversity and is unafraid to  challenge the status-quo.


Dionne is often hired professionally to work as a positive Change Agent for individuals and entities to operate at a higher level of transparency.


Her commitment is consistent and her drive is channeled.


Book her as a motivational speaker for free if your group is under-served and under-represented. 


Dionne “Choc Trei” Henderson is building bridges between the non-traditional and traditional; and, helping others achieve greater financial literacy in the process.


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