Your 1st Capital Finance, Inc. expert can arrange a variety of funding solutions. We are more flexible than banks or other financial consultants because of our mission and values. We work to provide businesses with guidance and advice either online, in person or via teleconference. Our goal is to assist you with an end to end financial plan that incorporates your short and long term objectives. We are uniquely situated to address cost and expense reduction and allow you to achieve cash flow via a variety of funding resources.

We have a combined 50 years of experience in banking and fund raising. Our wealth of knowledge is available to your business. Our experts have worked on every transaction size. We are available to consult with you to improve your economic climate:

Get A B2B Mind, Body & Spirit Diagnostic. Heal Your Cash Flow Problem.

Dionne Henderson
Risk Management, Operational &, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Process Improvement & Credit Analysis

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