Corporate Responsibility

“t” embodies the ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. Sharing good will is our commitment to social and corporate responsibility. Business owners’ harness their passion as the sustaining force behind their success. We make charitable donations in honor of their drive. Clients can choose organizations within their footprint or industry and can give anonymously!

“We pledge a percentage of every closing in honor of our clients via JustGive.Org! Actually, we let them choose for themselves from over 8,000 charities. They can give anoymously or use their corporate and/or personal name”.

Corporate goodwill is an intangible asset on the balance sheet for a reason.

Dear Guest,
Just Give_ Gift Card Logov3Thank you for visiting our website! You’ve read that our key focus is to expand the model of commercial finance. Historically, most humanitarian efforts have been relegated to larger businesses with sufficient capital to provide charitable giving. By partnering with 1st Capital Finance, Inc., every business owner, no matter their size, footprint, industry or geographic location now has the same charitable giving opportunity.

I believe there is a basic difference among businesses that accept their corporate social responsibility and those who do not. Corporate goodwill is an intangible asset on the balance sheet for a reason. At 1st Capital Finance, Inc., we provide our clients with an easy opportunity to designate a gift to the charity of their choice.

Please know it is an honor and a privilege to assist our clients in sharing their passion and success. Choose to do business with 1st Capital Finance, Inc.! Our business experience leverages our clients’ strength to give others hope. Join us.

At your service,
Dionne Henderson

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