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“1” symbolizes the individual and collective EXECUTIVE MIND behind the strategy and analytics that hinders or exceeds organizational goals. The company assists clients in finding alternatives to debt, in the form of free cost saving analysis to insure indirect expenses are managed. Accelerating debt or avoiding cost before financing is the dominate thought 1st Capital Finance, Inc. would like to impress upon the corporate mindset.

Our company philosophy is that the MIND of a company is the macro environment of the business and is an extension of the micro environment of the owners themselves. Our process infuses our clients with debt alternative strategies and cost management techniques. 1st Capital Finance, Inc. permits business owners to remain sustainable, profitable and achieve long term success. Join us.


The time to cut costs is now. Our proven methodology is non-invasive on your time and is backed up with a guarantee of No Savings = No Fees. You have the final say in the choice of vendors and often your incumbent vendor will remain in place – but at a lower rate.

After our engagement period has expired you owe us nothing – yet continue to enjoy the savings.

With a comprehensive reporting process that shows your savings on either a monthly or quarterly basis you are able to show your shareholders the increase in profits that you have implemented. Your purchasing department remains in place and unaffected – except now they have the buying power of a “fortune 100” company. No matter your size.

Stress Rejecters Nation

I encourage business owners to increase the health of the collective EXECUTIVE MIND by rejecting stress at the micro, or individual level. Organizational wide stress at the macro level can be as crippling for companies as personal stress can be for individuals. In order to reach the highest potential of profit and efficiency, companies must actively incorporate stress rejection techniques and tools, thus insuring long term sustainability. It is wonderful to have SRN poised to help companies as much as it assists individuals.


Matthew S. Harrison, Ph.D.
Performance Consultant at McKesson
Adjunct Professor of Psychology at The University of Georgia

My organizational philosophy asks businesses to look at the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT of the COMPANY as a collective manifestation of the mind, body and spirit of the individuals that comprise the entity itself. In 2013, watch for a collaborative White Paper that validating that correlation.


  • Owner-Finance Plans
  • Cost Analysis
  • Non-Profit Alliances
  • Bartering

Take your first step in gaining control over your overhead, reducing your indirect expenses and being able to maximize your profits. You have nothing to lose.