Clock and money


We have a simple three step process: fill out our application online or we can take it by telephone. Then, upload your supporting documentation. Insert – us working hard and shopping your loan among our thirty plus lender network and bring you back offers.


Our advantage is we work with you to make sure…  




Why spend time begging for money?


We may have such a diverse amount of loan types: asset based lines of credit, unsecured business lines of credit with higher dollar amount or lower credit score thresholds, alternative to margin call loans, new limits of medical industry related loans, & more factoring options, bridge  loans, a wider range of inventory financing, owner/operator, sale and leaseback options, purchase order financing based on your mega contracts and all types of  commercial real estate lending.


Our job is to find you a fit….1st.


Remember, application fees and due diligence are required based on loan purpose, application method, geographic location, loan amount and general client profile. Rates range from 0% to 45%, depending on a combination of factors in the transaction.


The bottom line:


We are straight shooters with an odd philosophy that nevertheless…knows how to get you money.


It’s not a matter of IF….but WHEN, we can get you funding.


The MIND, BODY & SPIRIT of a Company asks that companies (macro) view their entities as collective output of the individuals (micro) who compromise it.


1st Capital Finance, Inc. is changing the model of commercial loan finance.