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I offer great services to consumers, but my customers can’t always afford to pay upfront!

Whether you are providing your customers with a delivered product or a future service, 1st Capital Finance, Inc. suggests you design a contract purchase program that will maximize your business cash flow. How? Offer a owner finance program! Get immediate cash through the purchase of client accounts. Your customer wins. You win.

And, when you win, so do I.

How does it work? Sell the purchaser your product or service in your typical wonderful way. Then, for single items being sold from $500 to $5,000, offer them the opportunity to finance the balance. Your investor will provide you cash upfront. And, service the rest of the account on your behalf. You’ve just transferred collections issues to another party for free!

Next Steps: You’ll receive over ninety percent (90%) of your sales price within five (5) days. An additional 2-5% is a returnable over time. The bottom line: receive a total of 97% of your retail price on customers who would have canceled due to lack of the ability to pay.

Don’t forget: we are changing the model of consumer finance: dig for gold!

While you are working on your owner finance program, data mine your latest merchant or vendor Accounts Payable (A/P) reports. Billing errors, new negotiated rates and discounts applied due to a seasoned payment history will increase your cash flow.

Have fun!


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