Complex Relationships: The Good, the Bad, the Finance Flowerchild.


Reading my recent interview in  MONEYLICIOUS, I realized two things:

1) I should have had a Colleague from Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) double check my responses. That’s one of the great benefits of the group. You place a call for assistance and another business owner steps in. Her constructive criticism may hurt your feelings: I  still don’t know why I can’t have Black Eyed Peas playing on  my landing page. However, her experience helps you grow. Collaboration, not competition.

2) I have broken into a male dominated industry: commercial finance. The change agent? My MIND, BODY & SPRIT of a COMPANY concept. It’s organic business. It’s a female Entrepreneur thing. A man could have conceived it, but birth it? Perhaps not. Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus. Remember? As an active member of the GLBT community, I’ve had a rich history blending the traditional with the nontraditional. Therefore, when I launched my company, my Venetian values naturally sought to redefine a Martian industry. Enter the Finance Flowerchild. No pun intended.

I’m not special. We all manage balancing competing roles and complex connections. We have to! Entrepreneurs know nothing is poised to destroy healthy profit margins faster than a bad partnership. As business owners, we learn to screen potential Affiliates carefully. But are we, in fact, “Sleeping with the Enemy”?

#Liquidity. Corporate BODY: Since my company inception, I’ve noticed the biggest derailment for successfull commercial financing is the owners personal financial history.  Even asset based lenders have little room for tax liens. So, allow me to introduce you to the biggest enemy to steady cash flow and net profitability: it’s you!

#Empower. Executive MIND: Left to their own devices, collateral damage from your personal financial affairs will wreck your businesses happiness. The havoc of stagnant cash flow leaves a dried up Corporate BODY and a shattered Entrepreneurial SPIRIT. Your dream for self employment will stagnate. It may die.

Take the time to proactively mitigate any adverse impact of your personal finance history on your company’s commercial credit dreams. Do a personal finance diagnosis. Form solutions to repair any damage. Put in safeguards in place to protect the future of of your business entity.

Don’t do it alone! Your time is valuable. Contact someone in my network for assistance:

Peachtree Tree Planning: Wealth Protection, Wealth Building & Life Insurance

Smart Money Chicks : Financial Literacy & Housing Education

Ornella Grosz: Personal Money Management, featuring Womens Finance Empowerment Conference

In the famous words of an old advertisement:

If you don’t get help there, get help someone.

The life of your company depends on it.