Cost savings! The New Leverage.

Why is the Accounts Payable (A/P) report needed for my 1st CFI appointment? I need cash! I have bills already. What’s the deal? And, how can my BILLS help me avoid DEBT?

#Empower. Executive MIND:  Business owners make or break company destiny by virture of a powerful or stagnant  thought process. When you created your company, you either had a strategy behind indebting your company. Or, you just accumulated expenses in a desperate attempt to “just get started”. Certain bills were absolutely necessary. These  were tied directly to the materials you used to produce your product or service (yes, service)! You can tie these costs directly to the goods you sold. Savings in this area are derived from economies of scale, supply chain diversification and other efforts to produce manufacturing efficiency. Go Lean!

Then, there is the black hole of indirect operational expenses. Most of the payables in this category started out with a contract that was never audited or renegotiated.  Now, your payables are costing you money. More money than it’s really worth.

Money = liquidity. Let’s find it, shall we?

Viewing your  A/P report helps to fulfill a critical part of my mission. 1st Capital Finance, Inc. is a BBB accredited full service financial consulting firm.  It’s a courtesy for all of my clients. The first thing I do before I seeking funding is find ways for them to avoid debt:

Changing the model of commercial finance.

It’s a worthy cause to save business owners costs. I hug trees. And, my clients too!

Indirect operational expenses can be hidden, runaway and lethal. Correct analysis can even fuel cost savings into accelerating the payoff of existing debt. First step: data mining. So, fire up your year long spending report. Let’s hope it’s broken down by merchant. And, let’s get to work.

There are three ways my clients can get liquidity:

#Empower. (your) Executive MIND: Acheive liquidity by savings costs.

At your service,

A Finance Flowerchild

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