1st Capital Finance, Inc. is a local broker for hard to approve commercial finance deals. We aren’t the old boys. Our access to working capital ranges from short term, unsecured business loans to multi-million large project financing. We work with unsecured, hard money and collateral based lenders who roll up their sleeves and take the time to make the loan. Our niche is the Business Owner that has a back story. Tell us yours. Let’s meet your need for funding…together. 



We provide education to those under-served and under-represented with no real access to financial concepts. The principles driving good credit, understanding the capacity to repay, how to manage cash flow and leveraging collateral are all concepts we want everyone, client or community participant, to understand.



We want to meet your financing needs, but the needs of the communities in which you live is also important. Our goal is to work with non-profits and other agencies to help decrease costs and expand the reach of their product or service in a positive way.  


Contact 1ST  CFI today for more information and to receive a review of the details of how we can meet your financial needs. We will take the application and work on your loan. Moreover: a three-step analysis helps you finds the BEST financing for YOUR situation. There are many ways to shake the money tree. Sorry, we don’t accept broker chains and must have direct client representation.

Call us today: 1-888-LOAN-1ST (562-6178).


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