Help with Cost and Debt Reduction

We provide free cost management analysis. We explore options to avoid excessive debt. We recommend easy solutions.

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Why Choose 1st Capital Finance?

We care about the entire health of your company. We find the right type of capital for your business model. We believe in giving back.

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Improve Your Financial Health.

We diagnose your entire financial profile. Our offerings include debt and equity solutions. Your short term financial needs become your long term business stability.

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Financing For Your Business!

Obtain short term working capital or long term asset based loans. Receive introductions to private investors to partner with your business. Create an owner-finance program for your customers.

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  • #Empower.Executive MIND Executive Mind
    Receive a fresh perspective on your business strategy. Shift your mind set. #Empower. Executive MIND!...
  • Cash = the life blood of every company. Let it flow. Corporate Body
    Recognize cash flow as the life blood of your company. Let it flow. #Liquidity. Corporate BODY!...
  • Share the Entrepreneurial SPIRIT Entrepreneurial Spirit
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How Can We Help?
A NEW ROAD MAP on the path of commercial financing!

We help companies decrease costs, increase cash and expand the reach of their product or service. Our method leverages a one hour consultation using a proprietary 3 STEP cradle to grave analysis based on the Mind, Body and Spirit philosophy. Afterwards, we broker a healthy loan amount, from $25K to $250M+, and provide clients with cost reduction techniques.

Our Expertise

  • CEO/COO: Dionne Henderson - Twenty years of banking and finance experience
  • President: Mike Seabolt - Thirty years of capital and fund raising experience
  • Global Network of Partners and Affiliates
  • 2012-2013 Accreditation: Metro Atlanta Georgia, Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Company Profile / Featured Client

This video provides an overview of 1st Capital Finance, Inc.! It highlights the relationship with a premier client: Antibody, Incorporated (, the maker of custom compression garments.

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