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We know what lenders need to approve your loan. We recommend simple solutions.

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Who is 1st Capital Finance?

An alternative lifestyle, eclectic team of finance professionals. We find the right type of capital for your business model. We believe in giving back. We won’t judge you, your clients or your business model.

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Our offerings include A+ to D credit solutions. We offer short or long term loans. Or, create your own buy-here-pay-here program!!

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Financing For Your Business!

Obtain short term working capital or long term asset based loans. Receive introductions to private investors to partner with your business. Create an owner-finance program for your customers.

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We are an aggressive, operationally efficient, customer service driven, commercial finance consulting business. We assist clients with obtaining business loans. 1st Capital Finance, Inc. clients maximize their customized value proposition. Our solutions include non-traditional, as defined as not strictly credit driven, lending products. We serve the funding needs of every industry. Our presence is global. Two dozen types of commercial loans choices are leveraged. We partner with over two thousand lenders.

Our value in the market is unsurpassed in our ability to uniquely find active, competitive and versatile money sourcing. Our activities will include transacting in a eco-friendly, paperless and web based environment. Clients will have efficient and quality financial services experiences that include family, faith and socially responsible best practices. Our mission: build a brand that embodies aggressive global commercial finance solutions and outstanding personal customer service.

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